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"Dickerson Driving School helped me become a better driver mentally and physically."

Dickerson Driving School helped me become a better driver mentally and physically. Dickerson taught me how to be a safe driver. Dickerson teaches young adults how to have a reflex not a reaction. A reaction is thinking about doing the right thing and a reflex is just doing it right without even thinking about it. Dickerson Driving School teaches teenagers how to be a perfection seeking safe driver.

– Shade Shaw

"Everyone is very supportive and genuinely cares about the success of each student."
My daughter just completed 30 hours of classroom instruction and the six hour driving session. Our daughter especially enjoyed the demonstration with the the radar gun. This week she completed her driving with Mr. Jackson. He is a fantastic driving instructor! He is very kind and helped Jessica with her driving skills, particularly parallel parking. We are very pleased with Dickerson Driving and all of their employees. Everyone is very supportive and genuinely cares about the success of each student.

Thanks for a great experience. We will highly recommend Dickerson Driving school to our friends.

Thank you,

"This is the course I would recommend to anyone looking for a good driving school."
After taking the in depth course from the Dickerson Driving School, I have become a better driver. Not only does the course go through the normal classroom notes, but it also provides interesting ways to describe on-road situations and consequences of unsafe driving. Even now, I still remember specific driving rules because of the system that Dickerson Driving School uses. This is the course I would recommend to anyone looking for a good driving school.

- Eric Kays age 17

Dickerson Driving School, Inc. is a top quality, private defensive driving school operating in Canton, Cherokee County, Georgia and the surrounding communities.

We offer New Driver Training to satisfy Joshua's Law requirements based on proven training methodologies developed by our founder Ken Dickerson over 51+ years of driving instruction.

We additionally hold DUI School classes, and Defensive Driving classes for Insurance Reduction, Points Reduction, Ticket Dismissal, and License Reinstatement.

New Driver Training (Joshua's Law Course)

We offer classroom and online New Driver Training to satisfy Georgia's "Joshua's Law" requirements. Developed over a lifetime of safe driving dedication by our own founder Ken Dickerson, our behind-the-wheel training is second to none.

If your goal is to keep safe and provide yourself or your child with the best driver training possible then look no further. Our Driving Instructors have successfully trained over 12,000 young teens to be safe, courteous, and defensive drivers over the past 51+ years.
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GA DUI School Classes
(in Woodstock!)

In Georgia, drivers convicted of a DUI are required to take a state approved 20-hour DUI Risk Reduction class. For your convenience Dickerson Driving & DUI School now has weekly or bi-weekly DUI classes our main location in Woodstock, GA!

Guaranteed Best Price in GA
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Defensive Driving for Insurance Reduction

Our 6 hour Defensive Driving course is based on an award winning and state certified course from the National Safety Council.

Under Georgia law O.C.G.A. 33-9-42, a reduction of not less than 10% in insurance premiums shall be available to licensed drivers 25 years of age or older, provided they have a clean driving record and successfully complete a course in defensive driving of not less than 6 hours.
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Defensive Driving for Points Reduction, Ticket Dismissal, License Reinstatement (& Court)

Drivers may take the 6 hour course, once every 5 years to reduce points off their driving record.

Some judges in the state of Georgia may dismiss or non-process a ticket for a moving violation if the offender completes the 6 hour program. Additionally some courts may allow an offender to complete the course, which will result in a reduction of the fine.
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